The social election

With one of the most unpredictable elections approaching, Art Director Matty was invited along to a breakfast with our friends at Bircham Dyson Bell to learn how social media is set to influence the votes.

Elizabeth Linder from Facebook headed the talk. Her role is to jet around the world, speaking to different governing parties about what they should be doing on social. Pretty cool, right? She’s found that a staggering one third of 18-24yr olds say social media will affect the way they vote this year. That just shows what an incredible tool it is to reach a generation of non-voters.

Obama was famously one of the first to put a lot of weight behind his online presence, and this time round the UK are following suit with two thirds of our parties making sure they have a voice online. That’s a big contrast to five years ago when only one third believed it was necessary.

It’s a time where parties have a chance to be human. They once had to rely on being interesting enough to make the news in order to be seen, but now they can have real conversations with real people to win votes.

Although it doesn’t look like 2015 will be the first digital election, it certainly will be the first conversational one.

Vicky McGarvey and Matt Burrows

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