Google gossip

At Pepper, we have a habit of going all google-eyed over the latest tech, and love inviting people in to share our excitement of the stuff that’s taking the industry by storm. If you’ve been to one of our Tech Labs, or read our previous posts, you would have heard of some of the ingenious technology that’s coming from the guys and gals at Google HQ.

They recently had their much anticipated I/O conference, and gave us even more insight into some of the products that we’ve put on your radar.

  •  Back in January we mentioned Project Ara – a modular phone that allows users to build their handsets like Lego; slotting different components in and out depending on their needs. It made a cameo appearance at the conference and the audience marvelled at it being assembled and booted up. It could be a glimpse into the next generation of smart phones. Here’s everything you need to know:
  • Last year’s conference saw the introduction of Google Cardboard – the do-it-yourself helmet that turns any smartphone into a low-budget virtual reality interface. They’ve now added a new Expeditions feature, allowing teachers to take students on a field trip to anywhere, all from the comfort of the classroom.
  • Google have been working with GoPro to create Jump – a new stereoscopic VR camera rig due for release this summer. It uses 16 cameras in a circular configuration to capture stereoscopic footage of environments. However anyone can make their own and use any cameras they choose. To make it accessible to virtually anyone, Jump content will soon be playable on YouTube.
  • Project tango – we’re holding out for more info on this but we’ve got high hopes. The context-sensitive tablet that has an almost-human spatial perception was shown off last year. Although not ready for release yet, we’re promised a preview that will “blow our socks off” so watch this space.

If all this tech talk has left you wanting to ‘google’ Google to find out more, step away from the search engine and get yourself an invite to next month’s Tech Lab for everything you need to know. Email or call 020 7479 4500