Men – sit down for your rights!

Whirling his way into the Royal Festival Hall in full, fantastic drag, Grayson Perry talked men’s rights at the Women of the World Festival on the South Bank this weekend.

With a vein of comedy running throughout, Perry raised issues of equality, the nature of machismo and the redundancy of the male role. Plus the hideous proliferation of flowery shirts on panel shows.

To codify his thoughts he proposed a Bill of Rights for Men, which included the Right to be Vulnerable, and the Right to be Wrong. The latter of which felt particularly revolutionary in a world where we only ever get one shot at getting it right.

Matthew Evans

BDB get social

As an art director and the agency’s biggest advocate of Instagram, I was so excited to attend the Bircham Dyson Bell event at the plush Google headquarters last night. I was invited to go and ‘Ask the experts’ all about unlocking the potential of social media.

A bit of chatting and a few canapés later, the questions started rolling in for the industry pro’s. I’ve picked out a few of the most interesting tips on how to rake the benefits of social media within your company.

Know your audience
The number one rule for using social media. Learn exactly what motivates them and make sure you have a (controlled) personality; no one likes a robot. Have a clear objective by reminding yourself of what you are using social media for and remember, it’s a tool – you don’t have to use it all the time.

Manage personal & professional social media profiles
A point that is slightly more alien to us here at Pepper. Many companies like to keep their staff’s social media accounts separate from their own. Perhaps this is an area where creative and corporate organisations differ as we encourage employees to share our content to their hearts content. Kevin Poulter, Senior Associate at BDB asks his colleagues “Would you want your mother to see it?” and reminds them that in this day, people google you before they meet you.  

Experiment with social media
Not getting many followers is one of the more embarrassing things to happen to a company. However the silver lining is that there are always other platforms to explore. Not having much luck on twitter? Try Facebook. It’s worth investing time into social media as it can give you lots of opportunity and purpose. It’s madness that we buy into company pens when they provide just a name. We are lucky if one gets stolen from the office, to be looked at, never.

Using Social media in a crisis is beneficial
It gives us real time access to potential problems as they happen and for the first time ever companies have a fast and effective damage control tool at their fingers tips. It also allows you to write articles and dictate what the media have to say. It goes without saying that it’s crucial to respond in a way that addresses the problem whilst painting you in a responsible light.

It was a really great evening full of lots of talent. Big thanks to BDB for inviting me along. Until next time…