Less about publicity and more about having a go.

Being a bit of a creative cliché most of my agency related ‘great’ evenings are normally balanced out with an especially chewy morning.

Last night I kicked off 2014 with an amazing night out, still work related-ish, but without the booze.

Ok I had a quick pint on the way home. But it was just the one, so you could say it was medicinal, depending on what newspaper you read.

So, last night some of the boys and girls from Pepper stormed Shoreditch Town Hall to see, and mostly listen to legendary Creative Director, Mark Denton (owner of Coy Communications) talk about the importance of having a go.

In case you forget they produce TV ads.

In his words, whenever a ‘seemingly’ crackpot idea comes to mind he always thinks why not? “It’s better to, than not to”. I may be paraphrasing but you get the gist.

If you search twitter for #PublicityShy there’s a myriad of gold nuggets shared by other attendees being charmed to the edge of their seats. Which proved another great line delivered in the DandAD President’s speech ‘the internet’s interesting innit?’ It certainly can be.

His speech, well chat and slideshow, centred around the importance of being creative even when it seems the rest of the world is trying to stop you.

The evening was filled with a wealth of stories about weekend projects that started as madcap capers and finished up as successful, award winning campaigns.

And all for one simple reason: Because it was better to, than not to.

But there were other lessons, reading between the slides…

The first was collaboration. He may have great ideas, he might also be a master craftsman, but he definitely found the best talent to help him deliver his ideas.

The second, which leads on from the first was the quality of work.

He describes his work as ‘schoolboy jokes with a high-end finish’. And this definitely wasn’t a gag. The production values and attention to detail of everything on display was of the highest order.

Where some creatives leave a drop of blood on the page, he does a full Hancock and donates half an armful.

And finally he reminded us with a little ditty concerning a campaign for Wrangler Jeans, just because you have a great idea, doesn’t mean the client will buy it.

Where as, a standout idea, delivered outstandingly is much easier to sell.

And what was the best advice of the night?

You don’t need permission to be creative.

For the record I also learnt what it felt like to have a great evening and a very pleasant morning.


Andy Bolter
Creative Director