The new kid on the blog.


It’s me. Daniel. The newbie. The ‘who’s that sitting opposite Chris?’ person.

It’s my first day. I think I’m suffering from spotlight syndrome. Is everyone looking at me? Can I check my phone – oh look, a message ‘Good luck, luv Mum’.

Technically I just lied. I’m not entirely new to Pepper. I was here before. A couple of years ago as an intern. They were kind enough to take me in despite no previous experience and a measly two chapters of David Ogilvy’s ‘Confessions of an Advertising Man’ in my head. I spent a few days a week for four months learning that not all headlines had to be longer than most people’s sentences (including this one), ATL doesn’t stand for Atlanta and you have to do ’whatever it takes’ to make truly effective communications. Then I went away. Home to Suffolk to plough fields, save money and hone my skills as a Copywriter.

Back to this morning’s highlights.

And it’s my first day as a real employee. They have to pay me now. In real money. What if I’m no good? Has anyone ever been sacked before signing their contract? Does that even count as a sacking?

Yep, as you can probably tell I was quite nervous. But a warm welcome from Ross – a wave that looked like he was polishing an invisible banana – and a few introductions and re-introductions soon broke the ice. Although incredibly busy, everyone had time to pop over and say hi. They all seem like a friendly bunch. Something I’ve been told is rare in this business. The morning gossip was about Andy’s lost cap. It certainly doesn’t feel like an agency stressed with the demands of some of marketing’s biggest hitters – British Gas, Sky and Disney.

By the way it’s my birthday. I haven’t told them yet. Should I buy cakes? Is that a bit forward? Do they eat cakes? Are they all health freaks? So many questions.

So what have they got me doing?

First job. Amendments to some British Gas Swimming work I didn’t do. Talk about throwing me in at the deep end, uh hum. I haven’t had a wireless mouse thrown at me yet so I think it went okay.

Second job. Learn these inch thick brand guidelines. Sounds boring. It’s actually not that bad and goes without saying that this is pretty essential reading for a writer. It’s interesting to study how a brand’s personality is constructed – the key words, trademarked phrases and differing opinions on punctuation. I just can’t wait to get stuck into my first brief.

Third job. Write this. What do you think?

So, yeah. A pretty eventful first day. I think I’ve pretty much made every newbie mistake – got locked out, turned the light off on someone in the toilet, looked in the dishwasher for milk, called Ross who sits next to Chris, Cross. But it’s been good. It’s my birthday and I can honestly say I’m happy spending it here. I’ve always said I wanted to make great work with great people at a great place. And without sounding cheesier than Blackadder playing the Edam song on Baldrick’s cheddar flute, I think this is it.

In case you were wondering, I bought some cupcakes from Tesco (other supermarkets are available).