Strategy and execution – building the brand experience

As we reach the end of the year, now’s a great time to take an objective look back and see what we can learn from our great sporting summer.

The excitement and awe generated from this summer’s sporting extravaganza proved how a brand can captivate an audience when the execution lives up to and, indeed, exceeds the strategy devised from the outset. The fulfilment of the desired lasting legacy to ‘inspire a generation’ will, undoubtedly, be greatly scrutinised, questioned, debated and measured in the years to come. However, the early signs are that the community initiatives and schemes that are being put in place will help to deliver the vision set out in Singapore some seven years ago.

The whole London 2012 experience – from the incredible organisation to the stunning performances – and, indeed, all the sporting glories of the past few months, can pass on many lessons to brands wishing to engage with and motivate their target audiences to make a purchase. Take sportswear, for example. Companies have a tremendous opportunity in the wake of GB’s sporting success and through community initiatives involving local clubs and schools to tap into the behaviour not only of young people but also of their parents. As the mother of school children myself, I am often amazed by the lack of engagement and communication with the audience that holds the purse strings.

Online platforms that provide tailored sportswear for schools, in particular, would do well to learn from other clothing sectors such as lingerie about the efficacy of Electronic Customer Relationship Marketing or ECRM to increase sales. A dedicated pass worded hub for parents where they can view the merchandise on offer and cross-link to other ranges would showcase their products more effectively. Customer follow-up and ongoing communication ahead of key sporting seasons would also enable sites to up sell across different sporting disciplines. By becoming more intuitive and understanding how customers shop and behave, their platforms can become far more ‘sticky’ and appealing. Rather than deter shoppers, which many are currently doing, they will encourage consumers to buy more and become increasingly involved with the brand.

It may have been one great summer of sporting achievement and a celebration of some great teams but sports brands have their own opportunity to create an enduring legacy and generate greater sales success through a far more effective, targeted and engaging customer relationship marketing programme that exceeds all our expectations.

Crissie Sabino-Craig, Managing Director